Dear car owner!

Please note that the AUTHOR Alarm’s anti-theft devices are not intended for self-installation. We strongly recommend to install and configure the purchased equipment only in certified installation centers. Devices installed by non-certified installers are not subjected to warranty and service!

The manufacturer is not responsible for any damage resulting from the use of the device not for its intended purpose and non-compliance with safety rules.

General information

Universal electromechanical relay AR20 can be used in normally closed and normally open circuit in any electric circuit of a car that can be blocked that leads to engine locking and preventing the car from moving.
AR20 relay can be used together with wide variety of anti-theft devices for additional protection and control:

  • anti-theft system IGLA
  • anti-theft device RAPTOR
  • anti-theft immobilizer KVANT
  • hood lock control module CONTOUR

and other devices designed by AUTHOR and other companies.

Advantages of AR20

  • Dust and moisture protection
  • Embedded snubber for back induction current protection
  • Protection from polarity reversal (reverse connection of the wires)
  • Peak load of 25 A
  • Working temperatures from -40 to +85°C

How it works?

The relay is controlled via signal applied to the blue wire (12V, max. 250 mA). The yellow wire shall be connected to the circuit of the different potential or shall be grounded. When there is a signal on the green wire (NO) the positive power potential «+» coming from the purple wire (NC).

When working with black power cable (COM) it is necessary to have constant positive potential «+».

Device installation

For example let’s take the connection of AR20 relay and IGLA anti-theft system for the additional protection contour.

Locking of an additional contour is made through the normally-closed scheme. It is used in the event of emergency (when the digital locking is not available) so it can be used for any circuit break that blocks the engine even if it leads to temporary errors (for instance, in the bent shaft or injector power supply sensor circuit). Locking takes place by sending the negative potential to the blue wire while the ignition is on or the engine is running (can be tracked on the analogue «ignition» input, yellow wire).

1. Black. Ground/earth.
2. White. CAN-L.
3. Brown. CAN-H.
4. Red. DC+.
5. Grey. For initial settings on «+».
6. White-red. LIN.
7. Yellow. Ignition.
8. Blue. Negative output to a locking relay (250mA max).
9. Orange. IGLA system state output «-» (250mA max). When the authorization is successfully completed the minus potential remains while the engine is working. The output is needed for joint use with other devices or for normally-opened locking circuit.
A. Purple. Normally closed contact.
B. Green. Normally opened contact.
C. Black. General.


Operating voltage7-15 V
Max constant voltage14 V
Contacts patternSPDT
Operating current (for 14 V)20 A
Working temperatures range-40…+85°С
Dust and waterproof protectionIP67

Contents of the set

Electromechanical relay AR201 pcs.
Operating manual1 pcs.