AUTOSTART System operation

Preparation for engine start

For vehicles with Automatic transmission

Before launching the remote start, make sure that the gear selector is set to P (Parking), the ignition is off, doors and the hood are closed, fuel level is not lower that 7% (only for Mitsubishi).

A car can not be started remotely when:

  • the ignition is on (or the key is placed in the ignition lock)
  • doors, hood or trunk are opened
  • accelerator or brake pedal is pressed
  • fuel level is lower than necessary (only for Mitsubishi)
  • transmission is not set to P (Parking) position

For vehicles with Manual transmission

For vehicles with Manual transmission, the procedure for preparing for AUTOSTART session is as follows. At the end of driving:

  1. Put the car on the Parking brake (Hand brake).
  2. Switch OFF the ignition and remove the key from the ignition slot.

    AUTOSTART module will keep the engine running.

  3. Exit your car and close all doors. The engine will be shut off.

The correct execution of the preparing for AUTOSTART session ensures that the vehicle has been left in Neutral gear and will not move when AUTOSTART module will start the engine.

If after preparing for launch on a car with manual transmission the door is opened, it is needed to perform the preparation procedure from the beginning.

Engine start and shut off

The duration of engine operation when started remotely is 15 minutes by default. The value can be changed:

  • With Author Connect app (only for auto launch via application)
  • With accelerator pedal (only for auto launch via standard car key or the signal of an external device)

The engine will start while the central lock will remain closed.

If the external light indication mode is ON, the parking lights, alarm lights and the light repeaters on side mirrors will be flashing when the engine is running (depends on car model/brand ).

It is recommended not to insert car key into the ignition, do not to press START-STOP button and do not to stay inside the car with a standard car key when the remote start is on.

Start via standard car key

To start the engine press the Lock button that locks the car three times, pausing for 0.5 but not more than 2.5 seconds between each click.

To stop the engine earlier than the set time press the Lock button on standard car key 3 times.

Start via Author Connect app

Engine can be started via Author Connect app for iOS и Android from any distance if the GSM network is available. ATLAS GSM-module or COMPASS GSM/GPS-tracker must be also preinstalled in your vehicle.

To start the engine press START button on the tab «Control» in the Author Connect app and hold it for 3 seconds.

To stop the engine earlier than the set time press STOP button on the tab «Control» in the Author Comfort app and hold it for 3 seconds.

Do not leave your smartphone in the car after the ride! Otherwise, the car will be at risk of theft.

Start via additional device

If an additional device, such as a car alarm or a GSM module, is installed on your car, use it for remote engine start and stop.

To start the engine apply the negative impulse (for more than 0.3 seconds) to the external input of the module (purple wire).

To stop the engine earlier than the set time apply the negative impulse (for more than 0.3 seconds) to the external input of the module (purple wire).

Engine emergency shut off

AUTOSTART module automatically stops the remote start at the attempt of car theft. The system constantly monitors the violation of the main protection zones reacting on the following events: 

  • doors, hood or trunk locks open
  • accelerator or brake pedal is pressed
  • START-STOP button is pressed
  • key is inserted into ignition lock
  • automatic transmission is switched to any position different from Parking

Webasto engine heater control

If you need to change Webasto operation time via AUTOSTART module you should at least once set the maximum operation time of the heater using your standard remote control.

To start and shut off Webasto engine heater one can use standard car key Author Connect app or additional device (the same as Engine start and shut off).

«Comfort» option

Some car models support «Comfort» option – it closes the windows and the sunroof, folds the mirrors during the remote start. This option is active by default.

Service mode

The service mode is used for temporary deactivation of AUTOSART module when you give your car for the maintenance (without saying about the device).

Follow the next steps to switch ON the service mode.

  1. Press the accelerator pedal as far as it can go and keep it pressed.

  2. Switch ON the ignition but do not start the engine.
  3. Release the accelerator pedal. AUTOSTART will be in the mode for options changing. The indication on the dashboard will appear every 3 seconds.
  4. Press the accelerator pedal 5 times. The activation of the service mode will be confirmed by 5 indication signals on the dashboard.

The service mode is deactivated by the same steps, but the accelerator must be pressed 4 times. 4 indication signals will indicate that the service mode is deactivated.